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Commercial Dive Services

Commercial Certified Since 1987

Based in Montauk, New York. We provide commercial diving services for all of Long Island and the surrounding area. Trained and certified with; surface supplied deep sea diving equipment, closed circuit rebreathers, underwater cutting and welding, salvage, search and recovery techniques, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, photography and explosive safety. Contact us for project analysis and pricing.

Commercial: About Us

Available Year Round

  • Salvage

  • Search & Recovery 

  • Video & Photography 

  • Hull Cleaning & Inspections

  • Underwater Welding & Cutting 

  • Sidescan Imaging 

  • Mooring Maintenance 

  • Propeller & Zinc Replacement 

  • Offshore Gear Recovery 

Commercial: About Us
Commercial: Video

Search and Recovery

Loose something? We will find it and recover it! Whether it’s a small personal item or large commercial fishing object, we can comfortably work to 300’ of water throughout the year.


Video and Photography

Full underwater video/photography services with state of the art equipment. Always included with; hull inspections, propeller replacement, mooring inspections, salvage, etc.


Safety and Protocol

Any diving project requires proper planning and safety protocols. Whether it’s a small project or big salvage, we will coordinate and plan with all involved to assure the safety of divers and the environment.


Mobile and Efficient

With two boats available for any project, we are fully mobile, efficient and safe. Both boats are equipped with USCG approved safety gear and run by fully licensed captains.

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Sea Turtle Dive Charters

Montauk to Manhattan

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