Shark Dive
2017 Schedule
Blue Water
Experience the excitement and warm water of
shark cage diving in Montauk, NY. The Sea
Turtle will take you 15-30 miles south of Long
Island where warm waters from the gulf stream
bring an array of life during the summer
months. Sharks, (mako and blue) mahi-mahi,
tuna, whales, ocean sunfish, porpoise and of
course sea turtles are among the creatures you
could see on a cage trip.

The two person cage is made of 1" anodized
aluminum pipe and is fully welded at all seams.
Sitting upside down on the open stern of the Sea
Turtle, the cage hinges upright into the water.
Entry and exits are done from  the stern of the
boat.  Once inside, divers are floated back  5' -10'
behind the boat while still attached by a safety

A typical day of cage diving starts with a full
briefing and boat orientation at the dock. Once
underway, the trip to the blue water takes 1-2
hrs. Upon arrival, the crew begins chumming the
water, creating a slick to attract the sharks. This
can take anywhere from 10 min. to  several
hours. During the wait everyone is given an
opportunity to try out the cage and get
comfortable with all diving procedures. Diving
doesn't get much easier - just bring along a
camera! We supply all the dive gear, including
wetsuits. Breathing regulators are mounted in
the cage and comfortable weight harnesses
provide proper buoyancy. No certifications are
required, but we request that participants are
comfortable in the water with a dive mask and
able to swim. The cage will be floated 3' -4'
below the surface depending on sea conditions.
Water temperatures will range from 60 to 80
degrees and visibility 20' to 100'+. The most
common sharks seen are Mako and Blue sharks,
but differenet types are always possible. It's not
uncommon to have 3 or 4 sharks in the water at
the same time and past trips have seen as many
as a dozen at the cage. Makos become more
abundant in August. Blue sharks are always the
most prevalent and get over 12'. The amount of
dive time you have depends on when the sharks
show up. The average person will get at least two
turns of around 30 min.

These trips are 8 - 10 hrs. long, so come prepared
for a full day on the boat. Coolers and ice are on
board, but you are responsible for your own  
food and drink.  All divers should be in good
physical condition and be able to exit a
swimming pool without a ladder. All divers are
required to sign a Waiver and Release of  
Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity
Agreement before leaving the dock.

Warm Water
Open Stern
Easy Entry
Two Person
Tanks in Cage
Blue Sharks
Mako Sharks
& Who Knows ?
See You Soon !
Sleep on the boat!
(Night before your trip)
(Inquire when making reservations)
Shark & Wreck Combo's - These are
single day trips that will include a single tank
open water scuba dive for certified divers. The
dives that are scheduled on these trips are on
one of our three best locations;
Block Island Pinnacle, Wind Farms, Lightburne
wreck or Grecian wreck. These trips are a great
opportunity to experience our fantastic open
water diving. After the dive we will head, with
the cage, to deeper water for shark cage diving.
Divers need to provide their own gear for the
open water portion of these trips. Rental gear
available on request.

Shark Dive Video
Reservations required for all trips