Sea Turtle Dive Charters LLC
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Reservations -  All trips require reservations. Reservations can be made
by contacting us for availability
or paying directly on the website calendar page.
/payments are required to secure the date requested and can not be

Diver Requirements - Customers are responsible for understanding our
requirements listed on our
Shark Dives and Wreck Dives  informational pages
before booking. Minimum age for all activities is 12yrs. Divers under 18yrs must
be accompanied by parent or someone over 21yrs.

Cancellations - You may cancel 7 (seven) days prior to a reserved wreck
diving trip to receive a full refund. After that you are responsible for full
payment, unless you find a replacement diver to take your spot(s). Shark diving
trips are
non-refundable and payment is due in full on the day of the trip. Trip
cancellations due to weather conditions will be decided by the Captain at the
dock and a refund will be given if the boat does not leave the dock. Deposits
made with credit cards and/or Pay
Pal are subject to 3% surcharge, if a refund is
requested because of a canceled trip. There is no charge for rescheduling.

Venmo deposits/payments are also accepted upon request and are not subject
to a surcharge.

Boat Policies - Valid certification cards are mandatory for wreck diving trips
and held by the crew for the duration of the trip.

Zero tolerance policy is enforced. No illegal substances will be permitted on the
Sea Turtle.

A Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement
must be signed by each diver on each trip. The crew of the Sea Turtle will log you
in and out of the water and will assist  you in any way possible, but you are solely
responsible for your bottom time and your personal safety once you step of the
Sea Turtle.

The Captain reserves the right to change the scheduled dive site due to
conditions which he may feel will either jeopardize your enjoyment or safety.